Santo Tomas was founded on 1986, by Tomas Limon, entrepreneur who believe in bringing back the value of spices, flavors that in the old world were used as a trade coin, where you can trade a bag of Paprika for a mommes of silk. These unique flavors can also define an area or a culture.

Using this belief as drive and passion to push the boundaries, he started a small trade company that made business relationships all over the world with chiles as the main item, importing them from different countries and supplying all the main salsa companies in Mexico. A team with his sons who started developing more spices and different clients, growing along them, obtaining various certifications to pursue their needs, and becoming an important player in the spice world.

By 2016 Arancia Co. saw Santo Tomas as a key partner for the future development of the food category and started a Joint Venture that ended in an acquisition that lead Santo Tomas into the fast lane, growing in different areas. Tomatlan became our first location where we established a business that process fruits from the Pacific coast. From there we went to San Luis Potosi to establish our spices and seeds processor plant. Our other factory is located in Aguascalientes where we process our chiles facility where installed our new sterilization/pasteurization NatuSteam.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired, the alliances and partnerships done over these 36 years along with the support of Arancia, we are confident our best years are yet to come.

Our purpose is to share Mexican taste through flavors that create experiences

Our purpose is to share Mexican taste through flavors that create experiences

(Unique, Memorable, Authentic, Inspiring, Delicious, Spicy)

Our collaborations start at the origin, in the fields of México. For over 30 years we have stablished a close relationship with farmers and agricultures, whom are in charge of the most important part, grow our products and take care of the earth.

From there, the ingredients go to our facilities were they start a process of transformation under the most strict quality standards, until they become premium ingredients, ready to be a part of a salsa, a seasoning, a taco or a high cuisine dish in a Michelin star restaurant. But any of this wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of our people, the ones that make it happen, about 300 collaborators that are behind of every product that comes from Santo Tomas.

But it doesn’t end there, over the years Santo Tomas has established strong alliances with different strategic business partners and finally since 2018 with our ally, Grupo Arancia, an organization where human resources are the most important capital, their well-being and growth are corporate values that have to permeate into Santo Tomas culture, improving the development of our people, to reach a new goal and a better society

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San Luis Potosi

Plant 1 Aguascalientes

Plant 2 Aguascalientes


Quality Standards

Our international certifications are the result of the constant search for improvements in our network of suppliers, infrastructure, production processes and customer service, which allow us to guarantee quality and food safety.

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