In Santo Tomas Dasa we work hand in hand with collaborators and suppliers, especially with those from the Mexican countryside. We take care of the quality and safety of products, comply with our customer requirements, and support the community where we operate. Our plans and programs measure and reduce the use of water and energy to properly manage waste in order to incorporate innovation in company management.

Thanks to our sustainability model, since 2009 we have complied with the principles of the Global Compact, we have been recognized since 2010 with the ESR Distinctive and we participate in SEDEX and EcoVadis.

Social cause

Santo Tomas Dasa implemented the Grupo Arancia Code of Ethics where we define ethics as every human can live in a dignified, integrated, balanced, and productive way in their family, the school, organizations, and the community. Adhered to the following standards:

• ISO26000.
•Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Social cause

The Foundation concentrates its activity on four main programs



Support for

Support in

Our social cause is aligned with the programs of the Arancia Foundation which is focused on education.

Santo Tomas Dasa promotes educational work in the workplace by developing programs for our collaborators to continue their education such as undergraduate and master studies.

We have participated in the BRED, DAMOR, and in reforestations promoted by the Extra AC Urban Forest. Likewise in donations and volunteering in Community School and support for natural disasters, both programs promoted by the Arancia Foundation.


Every year, we review topics related to the environment like waste identification and separation during a specific week of the year.


We carried out a campaign on the conscious use of water, it is monitored on an annual basis with a concession and also with the support from SIAPA.

We changed our toilets to saving water discharge equipment.


Monitored every six months and the energy consumption is from the CFE network.

We have a permanent campaign on the proper use of electrical energy.

All our lamps are light saving.

We make the most of natural light with skylights located throughout the facilities.


Personal Protection Equipment, is used in the areas where our collaborators are exposed to potential risks.

Emissions into the atmosphere are monitored annually.


We have an authorized company for the collection and transport of waste that adheres to official regulations, which in turn has an agreement with a sanitary landfill.


We have an authorized company for the collection of paper (I buy it from you) where they give us manifests and indicate the number of trees saved.

We have paper collecting trays to be reused on both sides.

Certificate of excellence.