One of our key processes. We have tunnels and high-tech machinery that allows us to preserve the properties of products from the field.


We have more than 30 years of experience in the transformation of different products through the best grinding technology.


A separation process that we have learned and improved over the years, in order to obtain the desired grain size and give a different personality to our products.


From products of the highest quality we achieve this homogeneous and ideal mix, tailored to our clients.


We have the most advanced technology for steam-based sanitizing, Rotosol, which is ideal for effective cleaning of our products.


Our Quality department verifies compliance with the parameters established in each of the finished products. Processes such as Steam Sterilization to reduce the microbial count, Color Sorter to guarantee the appearance of the pepitas, metal detectors, and X-rays to control foreign matter contribute to ensure quality, safety and food safety.