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The effective and reliable supplier of high value dry products and ingredients in Mexico and the world. We provide safe and high-quality products to the food, food service and retail industries, supported by an integrated and sustainable value chain.


Create a lasting relationship with our stakeholders through the transformation and distribution of dry products and ingredients, incorporating the value chain in an integrated and sustainable management with social impact.


To be leaders in the supply of dry products and ingredients of high value for their quality, safety, traceability and sustainability for the food industry, foodservice and retail in Mexico and the world.

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We are part of Grupo Arancia, a company that has been in the business of agriculture, ingredients for the food industry, food service, logistics and biotechnology for more than 95 years

  • 1986

    Comercializadora Santo Tomás began operations in 1986, with the ideals and the drive of an entrepreneur who decided to bring chili peppers and spices from India. To supply an important company in Jalisco that gave him his trust.

  • 80’s 90’s

    During the first years, Santo Tomás faced enormous challenges to ensure that its operations met industry standards and thanks to the persistence of its founder, the company was gaining a place among the main chili and spice marketers in the country.

  • 2000

    With the arrival of the new millennium, different opportunities were opened to increase the product portfolio and the second generation also joined, who very soon learned about the business and incorporated their ideas and projects in different areas to accelerate growth.

  • 00`s

    The decision to transform from a family business to an institutional company was the key to broadening the scope to different geographies.

  • 2007

    By 2007, the company already operated in 25 countries, supplying more than 50 industrial clients in Mexico and with greater logistical capacity.

  • 2010

    Comercializadora Santo Tomás adheres to the Global Compact and is committed to complying with its principles.

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  • 2020





    In the process of SQF certification