Santo Tomas

“The whole world within the reach of your business”

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The companies we develop procurement programs with are guaranteed a high-quality raw materials supply, as well as stability and punctuality under the terms that best fit their production program. 

  1. Food Service

    We supply the peppers and spices required by our clients. Whether they have 1 or 1,000 locations around the world, we guarantee unique and constant flavors, as we consider the details that ensure a timely delivery of the product.

  2. Customized Blends

    We are committed to the needs of each client in order to confidentially produce spices and pepper blends that perfectly complement their production, while safeguarding the intellectual property of the requested formulae.

  3. Co-Packing

    We manufacture our clients’ products at a low cost while they focus on increasing their sales and making their businesses grow. We design, label, and package products in pouches, bags, glass bottles, plastic, envelopes, etc. 

  4. Private Label

    We skillfully produce the formulae and recipes of our clients. If they request it, we can even create new recipes that allow them to offer their brand to their own customers. We offer the Private Label service to help our clients achieve their retail goals in both specialized stores and supermarkets. The packaging