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Excellence and flexibility: We guarantee the best products for our clients


The strength of Santo Tomas World Trade is supported by the volume of merchandise we constantly import and export.  We provide you with the raw materials that come from the producer that best meets your requirements, and we offer a wide variety of options and operation alternatives.  Being able to give our clients the ideal quality and cost balance is what makes us proud.

Meeting the demands of wholesalers, our company is an important source of ingredients for the restaurant sector and the food industry.


Mission and Values

At Santo Tomas World Trade we have made it our mission to stand out as suppliers of international-trade services and nutritional supplements, doing so with the highest levels of professional efficiency, innovation, flexibility, and personalized attention to our client’s particular needs.

Such objective is only complete as we make sure that our foodstuffs are healthy and of the highest quality, guaranteeing a great flavor while keeping our operations environmentally friendly.

We work to become a safe support for our customers as we promote a climate of responsibility so they can have complete trust in the ingredients they use to prepare their recipes.

Our commitment

We give our clients results.  Achieving their full satisfaction through the constant improvement of systems, procedures, and efficient communication, motivates us to work daily towards our own betterment.

At Santo Tomas World Trade, we develop a solid relationship with suppliers, which allows us to guarantee high-quality services and timely deliveries, as well as competitive prices that contribute to the success of our clients.  It is a beneficial relationship for both parties.

We are one of the most important suppliers in the food industry of Mexico.







Our offer consists in constant and excellent quality oriented towards standardization.  We are experts in the importation of major volumes that guarantee an appropriate availability in a timely manner.

Our traceability processes make it possible for us to efficiently trace batches and relevant data, which is important to act assertively and on time.

We perform thorough analyses of our products to guarantee the compliance of the client’s demands. We pay attention to the microbiological details, pesticides, physicochemical properties, foreign matter, and heavy metals in order to deliver the final product with the relevant documentation that confirms its quality.  The expectations of both the industry and the buyer are thus met.

The continuous supply is part of our effective delivery schedule.  It ensures a constant provision and eliminates the risk of production shutdown for our clients.